5 unpopular activities that still make for an awesome vacation in Jamaica

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Jamaica is visited and revisited by many persons because it is a relatively easy to reach travel destination and the people are warm and friendly.

5. Try some Jamaican food. Try food that is prepared by Jamaicans for Jamaicans and you will be amazed at the difference. Food that is prepared especially for tourists is a little less spicy and not as authentic. Of course you will know your levels of flavour. One great eateries Leon's Lobster Hut near the #BurwoodPublicBeach. I was amazed that the meal could be so tasty. You will bt be disappointed when eating the lobster and rice and peas or other sides.

Food in Jamaica is synonymous with Jamaica's culture, make sure to enjoy a lot of it.

Check out Leon's Lobster Hut on the beach

4. Eating fruits in Jamaica is a new experience for many. Jamaica will welcome your palate to wide range of different tasting fruits. #mangoes. Well, in Jamaica there are different varieties of mangoes such as East Indian Blackie, Julie and the list is unending. There are so many fruits that you could actually become a fruitarian before you leave. #guineps #lychee #sugarcane #soursop #sweetsop #jackfruit #naesberry #plum #apple

“Enjoy Jamaica a little bit more each time.

3. Experience Jamaica's healing waters. Did you know that Jamaica has many bodies of water that are reputed to heal physical ailments? These places are not as close to the many tourist spots but they are well worth a visit. You will be absolutely amazed at the power of what a simple soak or swim can do. For some you should only stay a maximum of 15 minutes if you are a new hydrotherapy user. There are many water bodies in JAmaica that can do wonders fr your health.

2. Experience a natural river. There are so many rivers in Jamaica that are often overlooked for more popular beach destinations. Rivers are fresh bodies of water and they are indeed refreshing. When you visit JAmaica next try a river.

1. The ultimate Jamaican unpopular experience is a night tour. Most people don't want to wait to swim at night. Some persons might even think its a security risk. But rest assured you will be as safe as safe can be.

The Luminous Lagoon in Falmouth offers an unusually great experience for a night swim.

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