When you come on a Cruise Vacation we pick you up at the Port or at the Hotel and take you on a full day cultural exploration as you travel Jamaica with us.
Roaring River Community Tour is simply amazing.
The ride is simply awesome and the river is an unforgettable experience.
On this all day trip you will actually have two sightseeing tours in one.
You will have the distinct pleasure of seeing how Jamaicans live in the countryside.
It is so quiet and peaceful there and yes people still pass strangers on the road and Say, "Good Morning."
This is definitely not a city tour, you will jump into your tube and get a river massage as you swim and splash in the natural mineral water from the pristine Roaring River from which the community is named. And yes the river does live up to its name.
I won't say anymore just come and experience it
If you are at a hotel or on a Montego Bay cruise this is a definite shore excursion for you.

Roaring River Tubing and River Adventure Tour

  • Great Family Tour

  • Please cancel two days in advance. 

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